Cardedeu en Transició als medis

2º Berenar de transicó-2Cardedeu en Transició es la iniciativa de Transició de Cardedeu. Un grup jove i obert, format per persones del Poble de Cardedeu i els voltants, que neix amb l’esperit de treballar per afavorir el canvi de model social, econòmic i ambiental al poble i el seu entorn. Aprenent i conectant ambs els projectes existents, i disenyant colectivament el futur cap o on volem anar. La seva primera activitat va començar al mes de octubre amb el 1º Berenar de Transició (ja portem 7!), i el grup ha treballat la seva consolidació, visió, missió, i ara está definint els seus primers projectes.

En aquests primers mesos d’activitat del grup, Cardedeu en Transició a començat a fer xarxa i ha aparegut a diferents mitjans de comunicació. Un fet important pel fet de començar a donar veu a propostes alternatives com aquesta, i aquí volem fer un petit recull. Esperem us agradi, aixó només acaba de començar! 🙂

Amb dues ocasions Cardedeu en Transició ha surtit a la web de la Xarxa Internacional de Transició

Aquí transcribim el fantàstic article a la web de la xarxa internacional de transició escrit per el company Mark i aquí podeu veure la newsletter on també sortim.

Halfway between Barcelona and Girona, there is a small town called Cardedeu where the world of Transition is beginning to make itself more widely known. To some extent we hope to be pushing on an open door: the town already has a strong network of associations, and a rich cultural calendar. As well as a successful Timebank, of particular note are two initiatives which have been created in just the past three years.

We have a consumer cooperative of 35 families with the ambitious name of Cardedeu Autosuficient (Self-sufficient), the idea being that the members themselves produce as much as possible: so far that is achieved with all the vegetables, bread, soap, muesli, and a part of the eggs. We also have our own collectively hand-sown and hand-reaped organic spelt flour, and all other basic products we buy in are as local, organic, and small-scale as possible.

To assist in the process of (re)learning skills and (re)discovering the joy of simply making and doing the essential things yourself e.g. bread, cheese, clothes, beer, organic gardening, beekeeping, basketry, natural cosmetics, we have the Esbioesfera school. It was there too that some of us spent a rainy November weekend participating in an intense yet inspiring Transition Towns course.

A few weeks before, in the very same room, the first seed had already been sown -or perhaps the first fruit harvested- when the inaugural Transition Berenar (“Afternoon tea”) was held. The concept is an informal, open gathering, where people can get to know each other, and more about the movement, through presentations, group dynamics, and of course shared cake. We have now celebrated three such events, and each time we are having to find more and more chairs.

In the meantime, a smaller group has begun meeting more frequently to establish a solid foundation for “Cardedeu en Transició”, and to develop its objectives. To stimulate ideas, we begin the meetings with a pre-dusk walk; the simplest of activities, yet wonderfully fluid in terms of the conversations it generates. The motivation of the group is extremely high, and it is almost a shame that the festive period occurs now, thus depriving us of the opportunity to continue advancing at the same rhythm for the next three weeks.

Well, you surely had never heard of Cardedeu until now, but we hope to rectify that in the coming year. For now, we simply wish you all “Bones Festes”

– També ha sortit a la revista Ecohabitar, amb un artícle escrit per el nostre company Juan, Cardedeu en Transició a la revista EcoHabitar41 y a blogs com el de Transición Sostenible

– S’ha parlat de Cardedeu en Transició al Programa de RN4 vida verda a partir del minut 35.

I Finalment la Televisió de Cardedeu ens ha grabat en diferents ocasions com podeu veure a la nostra secció de Qui Son/Que fem


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